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Add-on unit for water sampling bottles.
Samples temperature and depth.

Ocean Origo’s SeaTurtle is an accurate, mercury-free electronic thermometer. It is cost-efficient, battery powered, microprocessor-controlled and designed for operation down to 500 m depth. Instrument fits on virtually all types of water sampling bottles, detects when the bottle releases and samples water temperature and optionally also water pressure/depth at release depth. Data is presented on a back-light display.

SeaTurtle may be set to operate in two sampling modes:
• Turn-around - SeaTurtle detects when bottle turns around.
• String - SeaTurtle detects when bottle releases.

The operator controls SeaTurtle using a small handheld permanent magnet. Instrument can be programmed to enter turn-around mode, string mode, sleep mode, continuously update current temperature/pressure value on the display, show last temperature/pressure registration, etc. SeaTurtle runs on a single ordinary 9 V alkaline or lithium battery cell, easily replaceable by the operator.

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Cost-effective, Small, Directional Wave buoy
with Real-time communication and Optional sensors.

WaveWatcher from Ocean Origo is a small, rugged,  accurate wave buoy designed for ocean engineering, operational oceanography and alike. It operates in off-shore, near-shore, coastal, fjord and lake areas. Free drifting or moored, the later requiring proper elastic mooring elements optionally supplied by Ocean Origo.  It has enough batteries for about 18 months operation on a standard alkaline battery unit, 4 years on optional lithium batteries. WaveWatcher survives 'knock down' to 30 m depth and its tight, compact design and stainless steel/polymer materials makes it robust and corrosion resistant. Low centre of gravity results in low pitch & roll and WaveWatcher moves smoothly in water – benefiting both wave and optional current measurements. WaveWatcher accurately measures 'all' wave parameters 'on-board' including wave direction and wave spectrum using high quality MEMS technology. GPS-position and water temperature are also included in the data set. Optional sensors, like SeaBird CTD and Nortek profiling current meter may also be integrated thus turning the wave buoy into a low cost ODAS mini-buoy. Data is transmitted in real-time via GSM for near shore locations or Iridium satellite (SBD) for world-wide positions or ZigBee radio for local transmission. Remote reconfiguration of WaveWatcher is possible for all three alternatives. Data may optionally be presented on WWW in real-time.

WaveWatcher may easily be separated in parts thus facilitating storage and transportation. Its relatively small size and weight allows for economical small-sized vessel operation which, together with its low purchase cost, high building quality and minimal maintenance requirements, sums up to a really attractive user budget. Comes in two versions: 0.65 m diameter 'WaveWatcher' and 1 m diameter 'WaveWatcher+'.

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SeaMoose Mini

Small powerful cost-efficient MetOcean data logger.
With remote communication.

Ocean Origo’s SeaMoose Mini is a very compact and powerful met-ocean logger/controller with remote communication capacity. It is flexible, cost–efficient and also extremely rugged. Waterproof down to 200 m depth it may be mounted on all sorts of buoys, platforms, etc. SeaMoose may interface a great number of sensors from well-known manufacturers like SeaBird, Nortek, AirMar, etc. SeaMoose may also connect to an inductive modem (SeaBird) for underwater communication with sensor string. Customer selects sensor suite - Ocean Origo may assist in the choice. SeaMoose samples parameters like salinity, temperature, air pressure, wind, waves, oxygen and much more. Data is stored on internal flash card (removable) and also transmitted wirelessly as e-mail or optionally to www server environment. Its small size, smart design, great flexibility and field-swappable character allows for rational and rapid field service also from small vessels, a key parameter for achieving low running costs in many applications.

SeaMoose comes in 2 different power supply versions: ‘SeaMoose-EP’ without internal batteries and thus relaying on an external power source and ‘SeaMoose-IP’ equipped with internal batteries. A GSM modem (optionally Iridium satellite modem) is included for airborne 2-way communication. Depending on application/customer’s choice, antenna may be integrated in the SeaMoose unit or alternatively connected to SeaMoose via cable. An ‘easy-to-use’ PC-program is included in the purchase which significantly simplifies instrument management and allows for system tests, parameter configuration, etc. Day after day, month after month, SeaMoose will deliver high quality, cost-efficient data.

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MiniMoose Buoy

Ocean Data Acquisition System.
May be equipped with various sensors according to customers choice.

MiniMoose Buoy from Ocean Origo is a small, rugged, accurate ODAS buoy (Ocean Data Acquisition System) designed for ocean engineering, operational oceanography, marine/port monitoring and alike. It operates in coastal, fjord and lake areas. Its tight, compact design and stainless steel/polymer materials makes it robust and corrosion resistant. MiniMoose Buoy may be equipped with various sensors according to customers choice ranging from CTDs, acoustic current meters, wave sensor, optical sensors and more. The buoy moves smoothly in water when moored correctly – benefiting both optional wave and current measurements. MiniMoose Buoy has enough batteries for about 12 months operation (depending on sensor configuration) on a standard alkaline battery unit. Sensor data is transmitted to land via satellite, GSM/4G mobile, ZigBee or LoRa radio and remote reconfiguration of the buoy is also possible.

Benefits: Its small size, just 1 m diameter and approx. 70 kg, allows for small, low-cost vessel operation, and transportation. This means very low operating costs compared to other data buoys on the market. Also, purchase cost compares very favourable with other data buoys thanks to its small size and smart design. Nonetheless, this is a high quality buoy with great capacity. Its low power electronics allows for long unattended operation and the rugged construction implies long last operation also under really tough environmental conditions. Another benefit is its capacity and flexibility. It can be equipped with a great number of sensors according to customers needs. Also, the buoy's extended communication capability makes it easy to adapt to various conditions across the globe.

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Turn-key data buoy systems

Complete turn-key data buoy systems.
Including battery, solar panels, sensors, mooring, etc.

Ocean Origo offers, in cooperation with Navigationsteknik AB, complete turn-key data buoy systems according to customers specification. We supply rugged reliable data buoys for open oceans, coastal zone, near-shore, fjords, harbours, universities, authorities, mussel farms, oil companies and more. Buoys that deliver near-real-time data of salinity, temperature, current, waves, wind, GPS, oxygen, air pressure and many other parameters. Customer selects sensor suite - Ocean Origo may assist in the choice. Thanks to the flexibility, small size and portability of SeaMoose – the electronic key unit - we can use the same basic concept for all sorts and sizes of data buoys. SeaMoose’s field-swappable character allows for rational and rapid field service also from small vessels, a key parameter for achieving low running costs in many applications.

In cooperation with Navigationsteknik, Ocean Origo offers fully equipped data buoys ready for deployment including all necessary components like battery bank, solar panels, nautical equipment, GPS alarm, etc. We also offer complete mooring solutions and mooring components including SeaFlex system for minimizing mechanical mooring stress, customized www-interface and management. Finally, we offer installation, service, operation and surveillance of buoy systems. In short – we can do it all.

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Expertise consulting within Oceanographic engineering and green tech:

"I offer expertise within Oceanographic instrumentation, measurements and engineering. I have a broad and long experience and master electronics, programming, mechanics, project leading and much more. Don't hesitate to contact me.”

Sverker Skoglund



Some of our customers:

  • SMHI
  • Göteborgs University
  • Umeå University
  • Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan (KTH)
  • Bergen University, Norway
  • Applied Physics Laboratory, Seattle
  • Copenhagen & Malmo Port
  • Various companies like ORC AB, Navigationsteknik, Smedlunds, Astra, IKEA, etc.

Some consulting references:

  • Oceanographic consulting for SMHI, Sweden: Oceanographic measurement expert. Managing ODAS buoys, profilers, sensors, etc. 3 years.
  • Green tech consulting for Smedlund/IKEA: Project leading and technical development. Developing Food Waste Machine for households. 3 years.
  • Fixed price prototype development for ORC AB/NOFO: Developing novel current meter logger system with 8 current meters, logger and Zigbee transmitter including PC interface for testing oil spill containment boom systems.

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